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New S-K project on striped bas spatial stock assessment

A new S-K project funded to work on striped bas spatial stock assessment. I’m recruiting a new Ph.D. student to work on this project.

Our NSF-NRI proposal is funded!

Collaborative Research: NRI: Ocean-Powered Robots for Autonomous Offshore Aquaculture.¬† Looking forward to working with Lei and Yaling! and I’m recruiting a graduate student for this project.

The work led by Can on the seabird bycatch loss rate variability is now accepted by Biological Conservation

***Zhou, C., Brothers,N., Browder, J., and Jiao, Y. 2020. Seabird bycatch loss rate variability in pelagic longline fisheries. Biological Conservation. (accepted)

check back later for the online version

The work led by Min to investigate spatial autocorrelation in the diet estimation and interpretation is now accepted

Li, M., Jiao, Y., Xu, B., Zhang, C., Xue, Y., Ren, Y. 2020. Spatial analyses of the influence of autocorrelation on seasonal diet composition of a marine fish species. Fisheries Research. 228, 105563.

available now

The work led by Corbin to evaluate biases in population characteristics estimation associated with size-based age subsampling is now accepted for publication

Hilling, C.D., Jiao, Y., Bunch, A.J., and Phelps, Q.E. 2020. A simulation study to evaluate biases in population characteristics estimation associated with varying bin numbers in size-based age subsampling. North American Journal of Fisheries Management

This paper will show as a featured article by NAJFM. Check its status later.

Rujia’s new manuscript on “Long-term climate ocean oscillations inform seabird bycatch” online by ICES now

**Bi, R., Jiao, Y., Bakka, H., and Browder, J. 2020. Long-term climate ocean oscillations inform seabird bycatch from pelagic longline fishery. ICES Journal of Marine Science. (online now)

here is the link

Congratulations to Min Li!

Min has successfully passed her Ph.D. defense at Ocean University of China and will move to LuDong University as an Assistant Professor starting from the spring semester of 2020.

Qiuyun’s work on yellow croaker population dynamics using Bayesian hierarchical models is now accepted for publication

Ma, Q., Jiao, Y., Ren, Y., and Xue, Y. 2019. Population dynamics modelling with spatial heterogeneity for yellow croaker (Larimichthys polyactis) along the coast of China. Acta Oceanologica Sinica. (accepted)

Min’s population status and distribution assessment on whitespotted conger in Yellow Sea is published in Fisheries Oceanography

**Li, M., Jiao Y., Bi, R., Ren, Y. 2020. Population status and distribution of whitespotted conger (Conger myriaster) in Yellow Sea: an important migratory species along coastal China with limited data. Fisheries Oceanography. 29:32-45.

Can’s work on a simulation study on potential bias on seabird bycatch is now available from PLOS ONE

Zhou, C., Jiao, Y., and Browder, J. 2019. How much do we know about seabird bycatch in pelagic longline fisheries? A simulation study on the potential bias caused by the usually unobserved portion of seabird bycatch. PLOS ONE (