Types of projects

  • Species specific
    • blue catfish (introduced in Virginia tidal rivers)
    • hammerhead sharks
    • red and white abalone
    • walleye and yellow perch in Lake Erie
    • black sea bass and weakfish
    • red snapper
  • Ecosystem related
    • Bycatch
    • Bio-social-economic
    • Process error ~ environmental changes/ climate changes  ~ detection of ecosystem changes ~ fisheries management under climate changes
  • Methodology development
    • Bayesian hierarchical models for fish complex/ data-poor species
    • Bayesian models for data-poor species stock assessment
    • Hierarchical demographic models
    • Bayesian time series models
    • Risk assessment and harvest control rule development
    • Sampling design for spatial-temporally changed populations

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Funded projects

Externally Funded projects as a PI or CO-PI

  • 2021-2024: Collaborative Research: NRI. Lei Zuo (PI), Yan Jiao (co-PI) and Yaling Yang, NSF-NIFA
  • 2021-2023: Striped bass and summer flounder in the Chesapeake Bay. Yan Jiao and Eric Smith, NOAA
  • 2021-2023: Blueline tilefish early growth and maturity study along the U.S Atlantic. Yan Jiao (PI), NOAA
  • 2020-2025, Seabird bycatch reduction. Yan Jiao (PI), NOAA
  • 2019-2020, Managing Lake Erie Walleye (Sander vitreus) in the face of uncertain natural mortality and climate-related effects on recruitment, Robinson, Kelly (PI); Jones, Michael; Jiao, Yan (co-PI), Great Lakes Fisheries Commission (GLFC), Collaborated with Michigan State University.
  • 2015-2020, Estimating seabird bycatch of the US pelagic longline fleet in the western north Atlantic and understanding influencing factors. Yan Jiao (PI), NOAA
  • 2016-2018, Verification of natural mortality estimation of Walleye in Lake Erie based on integrated Bayesian statistical catch-at-age models, Yan Jiao (PI), Great Lakes Fisheries Commission (GLFC)
  • 2012-2017, Dynamics and role of blue catfish Ictalurus furcatus in Tidal Rivers of Virginia, Don Orth (PI), Yan Jiao (co-PI), Virginia Department of Fish and Inland Fisheries.
  • 2013-2016, Spatial and temporal analysis and prediction of seabird bycatch of US Atlantic pelagic longline fleet, Yan Jiao (PI), NOAA,
  • 2013-2015, Refinement of weakfish population models for stock assessment, Yan Jiao (PI), Virginia Marine Resources Commission; Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission.
  • 2013-2016, Integration of spatial stock structure and multiple stocks into stock assessment for yellow perch in Lake Erie, Ontario Commercial Fisheries’ Association, Canada
  • 2011-2012, Risk assessment modeling of a potential red abalone fishery at San Miguel Island to examine sustainability, Yan Jiao (PI), California Department of Fish and Game
  • 2011-2012, Spatial and temporal analysis and prediction of seabird bycatch of US Atlantic pelagic longline fleet, Yan Jiao (PI), NMFS
  • 2011-2013, Integrated assessment modeling of natural mortality: a framework and simulation study, Yan Jiao (PI), Eric Smith, MARFIN, NOAA
  • 2010-2011, Analysis of observer data and prediction of seabird bycatch of US Atlantic pelagic longline fleet. Yan Jiao (PI), NMFS
  • 2010-2012, Bayesian population dynamics modeling to guide population restoration and recovery of endangered mussels in the Clinch and Powell rivers, Tennessee and Virginia, Yan Jiao (PI), Jess Jones, and Paul Angermeier, US Geological Survey
  • 2009-2011, Investigating ecosystem level effects of gillnet and trap net bycatch: implications for management of Lake Erie’s commercial fisheries, Yan Jiao (PI), Ontario Commercial Fisheries Association
  • 2008-2011, Model complexity and stock assessment quality: an investigation of the performance of models of different complexities and implications for model selection in fisheries, Yan Jiao (PI), Don Orth, Eric Smith, MARFIN, NOAA
  • 2008-2011, Improving weakfish stock assessment, Yan Jiao (PI), Don Orth, Rob O’Reilly, Virginia Marine Resources Commission
  • 2009-2010, Bio-economic evaluation of Lake Erie Percid Fisheries, Yan Jiao (PI), Ontario Commercial Fisheries Association
  • 2009-2010, Modeling seabird bycatch, pink shrimp catch and effort, and pink shrimp recruitment with environmental considerations, Yan Jiao (PI), Andreas Winter, NOAA
  • 2008-2009, Stock assessment of red abalone in San Miguel Island, Yan Jiao (PI), Concur and California Department of Fish and Game
  • 2008-2009, Population growth rate estimation of endangered freshwater mussel species in the Clinch and Powell rivers based on Bayesian model averaging approach, Yan Jiao (PI), Richard Neves, U.S. Geological Survey
  • 2006-2008, Incorporating protogyny into stock assessment models. Brian Murphy (PI), Michelle Davis, Yan Jiao (Co-PI), MARFIN, NOAA
  • 2006-2008, Movement, habitat use, nesting, and feeding of northern snakehead (Channa argus) in the Potomac River catchment, Paul Angermeier (PI), Brian Murphy, Yan Jiao (Co-PI), USGS,
  • 2006-2009, Decision analysis and adaptive management of Lake Erie Percid fisheries, Yan Jiao (PI), Ontario Commercial Fisheries Association

Funded from other sources (e.g., student fellowship)

  • 2006-2009, Evolutionary effects of selective fishing and implications for fisheries management and rebuilding (scholarship awarded to mentee Robert Leaf), Yan Jiao (PI), Mike Prager (NMFS collaborator), NMFS-Sea Grant Graduate Student Fellowship
  • 2018-2020, Management strategy evaluation and economic impact analysis of invasive blue catfish in Virginia tidal rivers (scholarship awarded to mentee Corbin Hilling), Yan Jiao, Don Orth and Kurt Stephenson (co-PI), VA- Sea Grant Graduate Student Fellowship

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