Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Professional Interests:

My research interests are to explain the nature of aquatic species and manage them as appropriate as we can in a probabilistic way. Specifically, I am working on: Population dynamics and stock assessment; Risk analysis; Fisheries management (decision analysis, adaptive management); Fishery ecology; Statistical computing.

Applications in models of stock recruitment, statistical catch-at-age, matrix models, generalized linear/additive models, spatial-temporal modeling, hierarchical modeling, measurement error (error-in-variable) models, time series models, multi-species models, Bayesian modeling, quantitative risk assessment (Monte Carlo, composite, Bayesian, fuzzy logic).

Applications in the areas/species of commercial and recreational fish species, species under conservation or invasive.

Recent focus: spatial-temporal dynamics and its modeling in fisheries; ecosystem modeling (climate-driven population dynamics modeling; quantification of species interaction); risk assessment and decision analysis as always

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To contact me:

110 Cheatham Hall


Tel: 540-231-5749