Current graduate students/postdoc Past graduate students
Student achievements Past postdoc fellows


Past master students

Name Year Graduated Thesis/dissertation Current positions
Chris Hayes 2008 Investigating single and multiple species fisheries management: stock status evaluation of hammerhead (Sphyrna spp.) sharks in the western North Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. National Sea Grant College Program, NOAA
Qing He 2010 Investigating the performance of process-observation error estimator and robust estimators in surplus production model: a simulation study first Ph.D. student, Department of Statistics, Emory University; then Data Scientist at Samsung SDS, AI R&D Lab
Yan Li 2010 Investigating ecosystem-level effects of gillnet and trap-net bycatch in Lake Erie: implications for commercial fisheries management first Ph.D. student under my supervision, Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation, Virginia Tech; then postdoc University of California, Davis; then postdoc University of Pennsylvania; now Stock Assessment Scientist, Division of Marine Fisheries, NC Department of Environmental Quality
Man Tang 2012 Bayesian population dynamics modeling to guide population restoration and recovery of endangered mussels in the Clinch and Powell rivers, Tennessee and Virginia Ph.D. student, Department of Statistics, Virginia Tech
Joshua Hatch 2012 Ageing error of Atlantic weakfish and its influence in fisheries stock assessment through a simulation study Research Biologist, Woods Hole, Northeast Fisheries Science Center, NOAA
Matt Vincent 2013 The estimability of natural mortality in the age-structured models: a simulation study Ph.D. student, Michigan State University
Irene Ballesta 2013 Comparison of estimators for scalloped hammerhead shark stock assessment Ph.D. student Researcher, ARAMACC, Royal Netherland Institute for Sea Research
Yafei Zhang 2016 Influence of nonstationary models on the management strategy evaluation — An example based on weakfish along western Atlantic Ocean Ph.D. student, Department of Statistics, Virginia Tech
Allison White 2017 Spatial and temporal heterogeneity in life history and productivity trends of Atlantic Weakfish (Cynoscion regalis) and implications to fisheries management Ph.D. student, Florida International University


Past PhD students

Name Year Graduated Thesis/dissertation Current positions
Robert Leaf 2010 The evolutionary effects of fishing and implications for stock management and rebuilding first Postdoc, NOAA; now Assistant Professor, The University of South Mississippi
Hao Yu 2010 The spatial and temporal dynamics of Lake Erie yellow perch fisheries first Postdoctoral scientist, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory; now Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Tusculum College
Yan Li 2014 Spatial dynamics modeling for data-poor species using examples of longline seabird bycatch and endangered white abalone first postdoc University of California, Davis;  University of Pennsylvania; now Stock Assessment Scientist, Division of Marine Fisheries, NC Department of Environmental Quality
Dan Hua, 2015 Assessment of the restoration of freshwater mussels in the Clinch and Powell Rivers in Virginia and Tennessee Senior Scientist, Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency; Adjunct Faculty, Middle Tennessee University
Fan Zhang 2015 Ecological modeling in a non-stationary world: factors affecting recruitment of yellow perch (Perca flavescens) in Lake Erie first postdoc  University of Guelph; now Assistant Research Professor, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Baochao Liao 2016 Bayesian aspect in fish population dynamics Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, Shandong University, China
Qiuyun Ma 2018 Random Effects in Life History and Population Dynamics Postdoc, Shanghai Ocean University, China
Min Li 2019 The role of space in the population ecology of migratory whitespotted conger (Conger myriaster) Assistant Professor, School of Resources and Environment Engineering, LuDong University, China
Corbin Hilling 2020 Population Dynamics Modeling and Management Strategy Evaluation for an Invasive Catfish Postdoc, The University of Toledo
Rujia Bi 2020 Bayesian hierarchical approaches to analyze fish spatiotemporal dynamics Postdoc, University of Wisconsin-Madison